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Welcome to Neighborhood Fuel

never pump gas again.


Never fails: You're running on "E" when you need gas most.

Those days are over, thanks to Neighborhood Fuel, a fuel delivery service that comes right to you.



Having us fuel you up while you're at work saves you from stopping in rush-hour traffic.  Group rates available.


Neighborhood Fuel is the ultimate amenity for condo residents, fueling you up while you sleep at night. Group rates available.


Our trucks bop along neighborhood streets, going house to house, filling up your boat, car, Jet Ski, everything. Service starts at $19.99/mo



Helping America “Fuel” Better

Here’s how it works: Open an account. Select the schedule that works best for you. On that day, receive a text message with gas rates. If you’d like us to fuel you up, simply reply FUEL ME and we’ll be there. You don’t have to do anything, You don’t have to be at your car. 

You don’t have to sign for anything. If your car has a latch for the gas cover, leave it sprung. We’ll fill you up and close it when we’re done.


Reasons you’ll be pumped about Neighborhood Fuel.

Neighborhood Fuel anticipates your fill-up needs. We come right to you, which means no more hunting for gas stations or wait times at the dock. It also means no more getting “hosed” when prices rise. Neighborhood Fuel delivers savings with prices less than what you’ll pay at the pumps. 

All of this makes Neighborhood Fuel a service you can really “fuel” good about.