Frequently Asked Questions

What is Neighborhood Fuel?

Neighborhood Fuel is a mobile gas station that delivers gas safely and conveniently to residences, companies and fleets.

How does fuel delivery work?

Our goal is to provide a quick and easy alternative to stopping at the gas station with our user-friendly app and website.

Where is Neighborhood Fuel based and what areas are you currently serving?

We are a local company based in Miami, Florida proudly serving our neighbors. Currently, we are serving South Florida in various communities. Sign up to check if service is available at your residence or workplace.

Do I need to be present when the service person comes to deliver gas?

Nope. You just focus on your work, family and off-time while we do all the work for you.

Does my car have to be unlocked in order to get fuel?

Your car stays locked. Just leave the gas tank lid open for us to have access to refuel, and you’ll receive a receipt via our app.

Do you need the keys to my car to deliver fuel?

No keys are necessary for us to deliver your fuel. Simply leave the gas tank lid open for us to refuel.

Who are the Neighborhood Fuel drivers? Are they licensed?

Yes, our service-professionals are fully licensed, trained and follow all federal, state and local regulations.

What types of fuel do you offer?

We offer regular, premium, REC 90 and diesel at the same quality you would find at leading gas stations.

Which suppliers does Neighborhood Fuel purchase their fuel from?

We purchase our fuel wholesale the same way traditional gas stations do.

How do you measure the amount of gasoline when you deliver fuel?

Our meters work the same as the one you might find at traditional gas station.

How is payment processed and is my information secure?

When you sign up for service, your credit card is entered into a secure system that ensures the integrity of your credit card is secured.

How do your prices compare against gas stations?

Our prices are comparable to local gas stations, if not lower, and come with the peace of mind of a quality service and experience.

What types of services do you provide?

We service cars, boats, fleets, and just about anything that needs gas.

How does Neighborhood Fuel locate my car?

Your vehicles location is recorded by you when you confirm you order via our app. Our driver double checks based on your license plate and vehicle description to ensure the quality of your order.

What can I expect when Neighborhood Fuel comes to deliver gas?

Once you request a fill up, you can expect your order to be serviced with the highest level of safty and professionalism. Our goal is to fuel up your vehcile quietly in the background and make the experience seamless for you.

How often can I use Neighborhood Fuel? Can I schedule automatic filling?

As many times as you need refueling. That’s the beauty of Neighborhood Fuel. We’re there for you when it’s convenient for you. Whether you need one gallon or a full tank, we’ll top you off so you never have to pump gas again.

What are the benefits of using Neighborhood Fuel?

There are many benefits to using Neighborhood Fuel. A few benefits include convenience, safety, peace of mind, more time in your day to do what you need to do, shorter commutes and not having to pump your own gas again.